Grand Center Arts Academy (GCAA) is a tuition-free charter school serving one of the most racially and economically diverse student populations in the St. Louis region. Transforming lives through rigorous academic, visual and performing arts instruction, GCAA will have one of the highest graduation rates in the state and is actually reducing the academic achievement gap between higher performing and lower performing students.

GCAA proves that exceptional education in an inclusive environment is not only possible but provides the best outcomes for our students and our region.  Grand Center Arts Academy Fund was created to provide the St. Louis community with a means to support this transformative school.

Grand Center Arts Academy is poised to become a nationally recognized institution on par with incredibly successful schools in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and other major cities.  When GCAA graduates are asked where they went to high school, the answer will elicit envy and awe - but no label or category.  That is a future worthy of our support.

  • Life-long bonds of friendship are forming without regard to race or wealth
  • Families have moved from St. Louis County to the City so that their students can attend GCAA
  • Some students come from high performing school districts like Ladue and Parkway, though the majority comes from underperforming schools/districts. Those in the latter category are catching up with their peers after just a few years at GCAA.
  • Students come from all over the St. Louis region – over 40 different zip codes.